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Prof. Kui-Qing Peng
Department of Physics
Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy Conversion and Storage Materials
Beijing Normal University
E-mail: kq_peng&bnu.edu.cn


     Kui-Qing Peng received his Ph.D degree in  Materials Science (with Professor Jing Zhu) from Tsinghua University in 2004, it  was a really great experience to Peng in Tsinghua: a lot of fun in its beautiful campus and  wonderful research groups with many nice and diligent colleagues. Peng received M.S. degree in Physics from Zhengzhou University in 1999, and  B.S. in Physics from Henan University in 1996.  In September 2004, Peng went to Professor Shuit-Tong Lee's group, the Center of Super-Diamond and Advanced Films (COSDAF) at City University of HongKong.

     Peng is currently professor at the Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University. Peng won the honors of Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation (2009), the New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education (2008), Beijing Nova Program (2008), National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of China (2006), Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of Tsinghua University (2004),  and the first prize of Advance of Science and Technology of Education Commission of Henan Province (1998) .

     Peng is a leader in silicon corrosion research. He is attributed to having first developed the metal-catalyzed electroless etching (MCEE) or metal assisted chemical etching (MACE) technique for the fabrication of silicon nanowires and made significant contributions to MCEE technology and the emerging applications of silicon nanowires. His current research is focused on the development of MCEE technique and silicon nanostructures for advanced energy conversion and storage applications. He is the active members of various academic communities including the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), American Chemical Society (ACS) and Materials Research Society (MRS).

Selected Publications

1.    Continuous-flow Mass Production of Silicon Nanowires via Substrate-Enhanced Metal-Catalyzed Electroless Etching of Silicon with Dissolved Oxygen as an Oxidant
Hu Y
, Peng KQ, Liu L, Qiao Z, Huang X, Wu XL, Meng XM, Lee ST.
Scientific Reports 4, 2014

2.    Silicon/Hematite Core/shell Nanowire Array Decorated with Gold Nanoparticles for Unbiased Solar Water Oxidation
X Wang, Peng KQ, Hu Y, Zhang FQ, Hu B, Li L, Wang M,
Meng XM, Lee ST.
Nano Letters 14, 18, 2014

3.    Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Arrays by Macroscopic Galvanic Cell-Driven Metal Catalyzed Electroless Etching in Aerated HF Solution
Liu L, Peng KQ,  Hu Y, Wu XL, Lee ST.
Advanced Materials 26, 1410, 2014

4.    Silicon Nanowires for Advanced Energy Conversion and Storage
Peng KQ,  Wang X, Li L, Hu Y, Lee ST.
Nano Today 8, 75, 2013

5.    High\Performance Silicon Nanowire Array Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells through Surface Passivation and Modification
Wang X, Peng KQ, Pan XJ, Chen X, Yang Y, Li L, Meng XM, Zhang WJ, Lee ST.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50, 9861, 2011

6.    Silicon nanowires for photovoltaic solar energy conversion
Peng KQ,  Lee ST.
Advanced Materials 23, 198, 2011

7.    High-performance silicon nanohole solar cells  
Peng KQ, Wang X, Li L, Wu XL, Lee ST.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 6872, 2010 (Highlighted by PhysorgChemistry Worldand MRS Materials News)

8.   Platinum Nanoparticle Decorated Silicon Nanowires for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion 
Peng KQ, Wang X, Wu XL, Lee ST.
Nano Letters 9, 3074, 2009

9.    Motility of Metal Nanoparticles in Silicon and Induced Anisotropic Silicon Etching  
Peng KQ, Lu AJ, Zhang RQ, Lee ST.
Advanced Functional Materials 18, 3026, 2008  (Highlighted as Inside Cover)

10.  Silicon nanowires for rechargeable lithium-ion battery anodes
Peng KQ, Jie JS, Zhang WJ, et al.
Applied Physics Letters  93, 033105,
2008 (Highlighted by Nature China)

11.  Ordered silicon nanowire arrays via nanosphere lithography and metal-induced etching
Peng KQ, Zhang ML, Lu AJ, et al.
Applied Physics Letters  90, 163123, 2007

12.  Fabrication of Single\Crystalline Silicon Nanowires by Scratching a Silicon Surface with Catalytic Metal Particles
Peng KQ, Hu JJ, Yan YJ, et al.
Advanced Functional Materials 16, 387, 2006

13.  Aligned single-crystalline Si nanowire arrays for photovoltaic applications
Peng KQ, Xu Y, Wu Y, et al.
Small 1, 1062, 2005

14.  Uniform, axial-orientation alignment of one-dimensional single-crystal silicon nanostructure arrays
Peng KQ, Wu Y, Fang H, et al.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 44, 2737, 2005

15.  Fabrication of large-area silicon nanowire p-n junction diode arrays
Peng KQ, Huang ZP, Zhu J.
Advanced Materials 16, 73, 2004

16. Synthesis of large-area silicon nanowire arrays via self-assembling nanoelectrochemistry
Peng KQ, Yan YJ, Gao SP, Zhu J.
Advanced Materials 14, 1164, 2002

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