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(2014-01-13)Ya Hu's paper "Continuous-flow Mass Production of Silicon Nanowires via Substrate-Enhanced Metal-Catalyzed Electroless Etching of Silicon with Dissolved Oxygen as an Oxidant"is published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

(2013-12-10)Xin Wang's paper "Silicon/Hematite Core/shell Nanowire Array Decorated with Gold Nanoparticles for Unbiased Solar Water Oxidation"is published in Nano Letters. Congratulations!

(2013-12-10)Lin Liu's paper "Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Arrays by Macroscopic Galvanic Cell-Driven Metal Catalyzed Electroless Etching in Aerated HF Solution"is published in Advanced Materials. Congratulations!  

(2013-01-18)Our invited review article "Silicon Nanowires for Advanced Energy Conversion and Storage" has been published in Nano Today. Congratulations!

(2012-07-07)Li Li's paper "Broadband optical absorption enhancement in silicon nanofunnel arrays for photovoltaic applications"is published in Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations!

(2011-07-07)Xin Wang's paper "High-Performance Silicon Nanowire Array Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells via Surface Passivation and Modification"is published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congratulations! 

(2011-01-21)Dr. Peng won the honor of Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation.

(2010-10-07)The review article "Silicon Nanowires for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion" by Dr. Peng and Prof. Lee has been published on Advanced Materials (DOI: 10.1002/adma.201002410). In the last years, silicon nanowires (SiNWs) are under active investigation for PV applications because they offer novel approaches for solar-to-electric energy conversion leading to high-efficiency devices via simple manufacturing. This article reviews the recent developments in the utilization of SiNWs for PV applications, the relationship between SiNW-based PV device structure and performance, and the challenges to obtaining high-performance cost-effective solar cells.

(2010-04-28) New progress in the silicon nanohole solar cells has been published on Journal of The American Chemical Society (High-Performance Silicon Nanohole Solar Cells, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132(20), 6872-6873). This work demonstrates that the nanohole array geometry presents a novel and viable method for cost-efficient solar energy conversion. PhysorgChemistry WorldMRS Materials Newsand ACS News highlight this work, read Silicon nanohole solar cells aim to make photovoltaics cost-competitiveNanoholes promise solar powerResearchers invent more efficient solar cells”.

(2010-01-28) New progress in the fabrication and solar energy application of ordered silicon microwires has been published on Electrochemistry Communications (Single Crystalline ordered silicon wire/Pt nanoparticle hybrids for solar energy harvesting, Electrochemistry Communications 2010)

(2009-10-08) New progress in the fabrication and electrochemical photovoltaic application of ordered macroporous silicon has been published on Applied Physics Letters (Fabrication and photovoltaic property of ordered macroporous silicon, Applied Physics Letters 95, 143119, 2009)

(2009-10-06) New progress in the fabrication of efficient silicon nanowire PEC solar cells has been published on Nano Letters. (Platinum Nanoparticle Decorated Silicon Nanowires for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion, Nano Letters, DOI: 10.1021/nl901734e, Oct 6, 2009 )

(2009-03-17)The  "Silicon nanowire photoelectrochemical solar cell" research has been selected in "2008 Important Achievements of Optics in China ".

(2009-01-24) Dr. Peng has been selected in the Program for the New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education

(2009-01-24) Dr. Peng has been selected in the Program for the New-Star of Science and Technology supported by Beijing Metropolis

(2008-09-22)"Motility of Metal Nanoparticles in Silicon and Induced Anisotropic Silicon Etching" is selected as the Inside Cover Highlighted Paper of Advanced Functional Materials

(2008-09-10) Nature China highlights our recent work published in Applied Physics Letters, Read this story "Nanowires: Boosting batteries"

(2008-08-01) Nanotechweb highlights our recent work published in Applied Physics Letters, Read this story "Silicon nanowires boost solar cells"

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